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The Writers of the Future Week – Summary

I could write a moving account of how amazing last week at the Writers of the Future event was. I could weave a narrative around the fantastic instruction provided by KD Wentworth and Tim Powers, interspersed with clever anecdotes I gleamed from the late night bullshit sessions with established authors. I could reminiscence about the incredible bonding experience of being thrown together with a group of strangers in unfamiliar territory.

I could… but I really have a lot of writing tasks to get back to. Yesterday was the first day I met my word production goals since returning from LA and I want to keep rebuilding my momentum.

So, instead, here’s a few lists — of authors and things, for you to peruse. (In all honestly this is mostly for myself so I can have one place to go to for contact details on these folks)

I think I’ve met more people in one week than I have in the last couple years. If I missed anyone, let me know and I’ll add you (and I totally owe you a beer the next time we meet). If I’ve erred in anyone’s website, let me know that too (though no free beer for you). And I couldn’t find many websites for the Illustrators so please if someone knows of these, let me know.

Our Instructors!
Tim Powers
KD Wentworth

Guest Speakers & Authors Who Stayed Up Into the Wee Hours Giving Us Newcomers Great Advice
Kevin J Anderson
Erik Flint
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Yoji Kondo
Jordan Lapp
Rebecca Moesta
Larry Niven
Jerry Pournelle
Mike Resnick
Steve Savile
Robert J Sawyer
Ken Scholes
Dave Wolverton

Illustrator Winners
I know (one? two?) of the illustrators were unable to make the workshop (and hence I did not actually meet them) but I’ve listed them all here for completeness.

Irena Kovalenko
Ven Locklear
Tyler Carter
Jordan Cornthwaite
Olivia Pelaez
Jingxuan Hu
Kelsey Wroten
Cassandra Shaffer
Rebecca Gleason
R. M. Winch
Rachael Jade Sweeney
Seth J. Rowanwood

And the Illustrator judges that I (remember) meeting:
Stephen Hickman
Ron Lindahn
Val Lindahn

Fellow Writer Winners
Two of the writers I was unable to meet during the workshop but I’m sure I’ll bump into them sometime in the future.

Laurie Tom
Alex Black
Tom Crosshill
Brad R. Torgersen
Scott W. Baker
Jeff Young
Jason Fischer
K. C. Ball
Adam Colston
Simon Cooper
Lael Salaets

Also Paula R. Stiles a winner from volume 24 was there attending the workshop.

That’s Enough for Now!
To end I do want to give a special shout out to Steve Savile. If I hadn’t stumbled into him early in the week I would have had no idea about the cool late-night chat sessions that were happening (i.e., the lessons after the lessons) and he also supplied many amusing and informative stories about the writer’s life.

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