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So I noticed some people dropping out of Facebook. I haven’t really been paying too much attention to the recent changes that Facebook made. So I wasn’t really sure what the hubbub was. Anyways I jumped over to and read their explanation page. Short summary – in April Facebook opened up their site so that other sites could interact with it to a relatively scary degree. It basically means anyone can search through all the posts, anyone posts on Facebook (unless the user has correctly updated the complicated privacy settings).

Want to know if you’ve done it correctly? Copy your last status update and jump to and check. If you see it there that means anyone can see it.

When you go to the site you’ll notice it is kind of creepy — people have easy access to portraits and status updates.

And doubly creepy when you look at the recently searched for terms — i.e., what people going to the site are looking for. I’m curious what the ‘top searches’ are.

So am I going to quit Facebook?

Probably not. Some of the people on my network there are not anywhere else and I enjoy keeping on contact with them. But I could see myself quitting, especially if Facebook continues to make so many poor decisions regarding privacy.

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