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Backing up your data

I have a somewhat elaborate backup system that I use to make sure my writing, code and photographs are backed up regularly but I realized my process is fairly specific to my workflow and a bit complicated. So I decided against posting. So, simply consider this as a reminder to make sure you have a process to back up your work regularly — people lose stuff, important stuff all the time and I’ll be honest it wasn’t until a few months ago that I got myself on a regular backup routine… after losing most of a story I had written.

I’ll leave you with a couple links to other bloggers who have documented their backup methods. The first is Occasional Drivel who uses an elaborate but robust backing up system for his photographs and the second is Brad Grier.

You don’t have to do what they do (or what I do) but you should be doing something. The offsite backup (i.e., having a backup that’s not in your house), is probably the most important part of the process.

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