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Review – Women of the Apocalypse

Women of the Apocalypse is an anthology of stories by Eileen Bell, Roxanne Felix, Ryan T. McFadden & Billie Millholland.

Each author has written a novella around the theme of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In this shared universe the women have become appointed as champions against the horsemen because they accidentally drank shooters intended for the ‘true champions’.

Eileen Bell’s “Pawns Dreaming of Roses” which is the first story in the anthology has been nominated for a Aurora Award. I liked this story — the protagonist, Alexandra, is dealing with a tragedy from her past at the same time as dealing with becoming a champion against Pestilence. Well written and with a few twists that I hadn’t expected.

The next story is “A Choice Among No Choices” by Roxanne Felix and this time Dinah Medrano must face off against War. As the title implies this is a story about choices and Dinah must make some difficult ones. Each story has a different angel acting as adviser, this time it is Michael, and his back story is as interesting as what happens to Dinah.

“Hungersnot” by Billie Millholland was a fun read, interspersed by Emily Kerr’s (the protagonist) Facebook updates. Emily must face off against an unusual Horseman to prevent Famine from claiming the world. Of the four protagonist’s I think Emily was the most humorous.

The final story “Deus Ex Machina” was written by Ryan T. McFadden and brings us inside a research facility built deep underground, where Julia, already suffering from mysterious nosebleeds, begins seeing something strange in the dark tunnels. An interesting premise, with strong characters, and a horrific monster.

All four stories were enjoyable and I recommend the anthology (not only has Eileen Bell’s story been nominated for an Aurora, so has the entire anthology). Worth checking out.

Disclaimer: I am Facebook friends with three of the writers, though I have never met any of them.

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