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    Review – Women of the Apocalypse

    Women of the Apocalypse is an anthology of stories by Eileen Bell, Roxanne Felix, Ryan T. McFadden & Billie Millholland. Each author has written a novella around the theme of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In this shared universe the women have become appointed as champions against the horsemen because they accidentally drank shooters intended for the ‘true champions’. Eileen Bell’s “Pawns Dreaming of Roses” which is the first story in the anthology has been nominated for a Aurora Award. I liked this story — the protagonist, Alexandra, is dealing with a tragedy from her past at the same time as dealing with becoming a champion against Pestilence. Well written…

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    Novel versus Short Story

    After having returned to writing some short stories while I took a hiatus between drafts of my novel I have to say, that for me, writing a novel is so much easier than writing a short story. Each short story requires so much commitment, understanding a new cast of characters, and caring about them. The novel, each time I sit down to write, is like returning home and being surrounded by people I’ve come to know well. I can easily produce two or three times the word output when working on the novel than on the stories I’ve written in the last month and a bit.

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    One Brave/Stupid Little Mouse

    So on my way to drop the kids off at daycare I was stopped at an intersection and watched a mouse cross the street. Seriously. I don’t know what it was thinking but instead of taking the straight line it was meandering all over the place. Maybe it was drunk, I don’t know, probably just so freaked out it was in a mad panic. It got really interesting once the traffic started to flow in front of me and this thing was moving everywhere except in the straight line that would have taken it to safety. I was going to show it to my kids but I was pretty certain…