Daily Archives: April 27, 2010

Board of Directors anyone?

Since I’ve retired from a dayjob I’ve been supporting myself a bit with my writing but primarily through stock and fund investments (the realworld kind, not the Empire Avenue kind). One aspect of owning stock that I hadn’t thought much about before actually owning shares in a company was the board of directors. Now I […]

The Underachieving Story

Currently I’m struggling through editing/rebuilding a story I wrote the first draft of back in January. I’m really procrastinating (hence this blog post). It just has never had the ‘magic’ I thought the original concept would deliver. Anyways, I went through some old notes on other stories as a way to avoid the dread edit […]

Iceland 1 World 0

What one volcano in Iceland has been able to do to this ever-so-interconnected world of ours has been fascinating. I’ve been following the news voraciously. I’ve always liked Iceland, reading their eddas several years ago and I plan to visit one day. And the first story I had published was a story about Iceland (or […]