Daily Archives: March 2, 2010

Prix Aurora Awards

The shortlist for the Prix Aurora Awards have been announced. BEST NOVEL IN ENGLISH : THE AMULET OF AMON-RA, by Leslie Carmichael, CBAY Books DRUIDS, by Barbara Galler-Smith and Josh Langston, Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy WAKE, Robert J. Sawyer, Penguin Canada STEEL WHISPERS, Hayden Trenholm, Bundoran Press TERRA INSEGURA, Edward Willett, DAW Books BEST […]

Cars vs Trucks

With two young boys I watch a lot of movies. One particular favorite of theirs is the 2006 Pixar film, ‘Cars’. I enjoyed the movie the first few times but now when I watch it I do find that my mind tends to wander. I often wonder, for example, what has happened to all the […]

Word Progress so Far

Since the beginning of the year I’ve set myself some firm word count goals and to my delight I’ve been able to meet and often exceed them. I took a quick look at my tracking and I’ve now written over 75 000 words since January. The bulk of this has been on the novel but […]