Rendezvous at Angels Thirty

I focus most of my reviewing effort on smaller press and lesser known magazines but I do have subscriptions to some of the larger magazines such as Analog. These magazines receive many reviews already by professionals, so I won’t start doing that but when stories particularly interest me I’m going to make a small mention of them here.

“Rendezvous at Angels Thirty”
by Tom Ligon (Analog May 2009)

This is an interesting tale of simulated flight, a simulation pilot reliving historical combat engagements. I enjoyed the characterization and the time period references a lot. The ‘mystery’ that the main character, the pilot, is seeking to solve draws the plot along nicely and the technology used is described in as much detail as required to make believable. And I’m always a fan of air combat and those scenes were well done.

I also enjoyed “A War Bird in the Belly of the Mouse” by David Parish-Whittaker (Writers of the Future #24), so at this point I have to say I’m really a fan of stories involving ‘simulated’ air encounters. Not entirely sure why, but I guess I like simulated realities and I like airplanes.

Highly recommend both these stories.

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