• Game Reviews

    Archon Rocks!

    Check out Archon on the ipod/iphone. It is a very fun game and it looks like the next update will fix some of the few problems I have found with it. http://www.archonclassic.com/devblog/ I used to play the original game obsessively ‘back in the day’ and I love this new recreation. I have played several other clones over the years (like Wrath Unleashed on the xbox) but they were all too complicated. This game is nice and simple; a fun, engaging game.

  • Writing Resources

    New way to read my stories (Updated Again!)

    Because I hate scrolling on web pages (it really makes me a reluctant online fiction reader) I’ve created a little Flash application for reading stories online (it lets you page back and forth, no scrolling!) I’ve only hooked up one of my stories (His Island) so far. How To Use On Your Own Site If you want a copy of the Flash file, you can download it here. (If you just click the link you get the reader in all its ‘full-screen’ glory.) Note that there’s no security on this thing. But it’s neat and I’ve only been using Flash for a couple days, so I’m pretty happy with it.…