• My Life

    Canada – Health Care

    Is Free Medicine, Good Medicine? Until this last week I would have strongly defended the benefits of the Canadian Health Care system (versus the horror stories I hear about what occurs south of the border). I think, that’s because, I seldom have to use it. Before I go further, this will not a criticism of the men and women who are working their asses off — the doctors, nurses, and support staff. Almost everyone we talked to was courteous and helpful. But the systems they use are flawed. Fundamentally. Maybe more money is what they need. Maybe a complete reorganization is required, I don’t know. I have only had to…

  • Writing Resources

    AnthologyBuilder – my first anthology

    I’ve built my first anthology from AnthologyBuilder and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. The process for constructing the anthology was painless and it was a lot of fun going through the story lists looking for stories that were appropriate. I’ll let you know what I think of the quality when the book arrives. Here’s the table of contents in case you are curious. Last Call by Derryl Murphy In Memory by Eric James Stone Irena’s Roses by Marissa Lingen The Prophet of Flores by Ted Kosmatka A Walk in the Woods by Vaughan Stanger Cuckoo by Chris Butler Memories of Moments, Bright as Falling Stars by Cat Rambo Station Thirteen…

  • C#

    SubSonic – No stored procedures?

    Using C# 2.0 + MySQL + SubSonic 2.1 I ran into a problem where no stored procedures were being generated. I did some webdigging but did not find the exact answer (was asking the wrong question). Anyways after diving into the subsonic code I found the source of the problem but was not certain how to fix it. Another web search got me the answer here: http://forums.subsonicproject.com/Search?q=+sp.SchemaName+%3D+rdr%5B%22SPSchema%22%5D.ToString%28%29%3B Basically remove sp.SchemaName = rdr[“SPSchema”].ToString(); from DataService, approximately line 420. There are more elegant solutions available, but this got me through the initial hurdle.