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    Rumbling with the HTML

    This post is mostly for my own memory: I have been playing around with custom HTML buttons and such, for use with a ‘story-reader’ I am attempting to write in PHP. It should be noted that I know nothing about using PHP. Basically I’m writing a simple page that will pull text from a mySQL database and then allow the reader to read a story by navigating with page buttons. Once I had the initial page-system working, with navigation, I then started playing around to make the buttons look nicer. At first it looked like I could just replace the button with a input type="image"… But the problem with that…

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    The iPod Touch

    I’ve added a short article about my experiences reading eBooks with the iPod touch here. I’ve really been enjoying it, a lot less of a headache than my PDA. Remember my story, “His Island” is available for reading on eReader. Download it here: http://yourothermind.com/writing/hisisland.pdb

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    'His Island' now available on iPod Touch

    I’ve started (heavily) using the iPod touch and do a lot of ebook reading with the eReader application. Anyways I thought it would be fun to convert one of my ‘for free’ stories on this website into the eReader format. Now, if you are so inclined, you can read His Island (originally published in Quantum Muse). Simply go to the eReader application on your iPod and choose to add a new book (the + sign). Then select Another site. Then enter the following url: http://yourothermind.com/writing/hisisland.pdb