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    A Ragman's Vow

    Richard Horton does a yearly summary for many magazines, highlighting the stories he most enjoyed. I have always found his summaries quite interesting and was very pleased to see¬†“A Ragman’s Vow” (a story of mine that was published in On Spec, Summer 2008) mentioned in his “also liked” category. Pretty stoked about being mentioned in the same sentence as other, more established writers, such as Claude Lalumiere and Marissa K. Lingen.¬† Read the full summary for On Spec 2008¬†at his website. – Brent Knowles

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    Just stumbled across Scrivener, a writing program for the Mac OS. http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.html A very nice program! More polished than YourOtherMind but lacking some features that we have, though its emphasis¬†appears to be more on producing written work within Scrivener¬†¬† (whereas YourOtherMind is more about organizing works and ideas, though the production element is going to be expanded in later versions). Obviously this means there’s a demand for writing organizers like YourOtherMind and Scrivener. I don’t have access to a machine capable of running Scrivener but I’ve been reviewing the screenshots and the forums. For those of you out there who have used it and want something similiar for the PC…

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    AnthologyBuilder – update

    Pleased to see my name included among several well known writers who have had their stories added to the AnthologyBuilder site. “We’ve got new fiction by Eric James Stone, Trina Jacobs, Scott Wilson, Brent Knowles, R. S. Pyne, Michael Merriam, Norman Riger, Billy Wong, M.K. Hobson, Irene Radford, Edward McKeown, Jake F. Ilac, Ruth Nestvold, Jay Lake, and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff.” Check out the anthology builder blog update here: http://community.livejournal.com/anthobuilder/23716.html

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    Sale to Tales of the Talisman

    As I mentioned in the previous post I’ve made another sale. The story “Tale of Lady Spite” has been sold to Tales of the Talisman and should appear Fall 2009. I’m very excited about this sale. The story is one of my favourites (it received an Honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest a while back).

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    Great Birthday Gift — Another Story Sold!

    I took the day off today because it’s my birthday and I wanted to relax. In the morning I received a very cool e-mail… I’ve sold another story! More details later once everything is finalized but I’m very excited. It is another fantasy story set in the same fictional world as “From the Sea” (which will appear in On Spec sometime in 2009). – Brent Knowles

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    Review – LittleBigPlanet

    I’ve been playing Little Big World (available for Playstation 3) for a couple weeks now. Great game, highly recommend it. The game brings many unique and modern elements to what is otherwise a fairly standard side-scrolling adventure game. The core gameplay is familiar to any player of the Mario games and the controls are easy to intuit. The unique elements — costuming your ingame avatar, collecting stickers, using stickers to unlock hidden content, collect level elements to build your own levels — are going to give this game a very long life. So many of the puzzle the player encounters are very natural, and while some are a little difficult…

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    2008 – Wrap Up

    I only finished one story this year, what with moving, Dragon Age¬†and a second child I found little time for writing. I’m taking a lot of time off in 2009 so I’m going to see if I can increase my productivity back to what it was in 2007. In 2008, I: Sold¬†and saw in print: ‘A Ragman’s Vow’ (On Spec, Summer 2008) Added ‘The End of the Road’ to¬† AnthologyBuilder¬†(originally published in Not One Of Us) Sold “From the Sea” to On Spec (perhaps for publication in 2009)? A couple stories being held for additional consideration, fingers crossed! Plus for kicks, my abridged writing history (skipped the middle years), as…

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    Aurora Awards 2008

    I’ve just finished making my Aurora Award nominations for the best Canadian fiction of 2008. This is open to all Canadians… nominations can be made here http://www.prix-aurora-awards.ca/English/AwardProcess/nominationForm.php and a list of eligible work at http://www.canadiansf.com/node/24 Please put your nominations in!