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    Review for “Digital Rights”

    A positive though short review for Writers of the Future 26 went up at SF Site… not sure if its been there for a while but ego-surfing today I stumbled across it. My story and Adam Colston’s are the only ones really discussed, with both of us getting nice reviews. Specifically for ‘Digital Rights’ Sandra Scholes says Knowles writes with a fresh outlook on sci-fi and has created a strange new world that sounds daunting even if it is far away. Head over to SF Site to read the full review. And remember you can read Digital Rights by buying the Writers of the Future anthology or you can download…

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    Writers of the Future XXVI Review

    Diabolical Plots has posted a review of Writers of the Future XXVI, the first full review of the anthology that I’ve seen so far. There’s some spoilers over there so don’t go read it unless you’ve already read the anthology. I’m pleased with my review, I think the criticisms levied against my story are certainly fair though I’m in a bit more disagreement over some of the ratings given to the other stories. But that’s the cool thing about writing and reading… we all interpret stories differently. Anyways its nice to see a review… I’ve been a bit disappointed about the lack of reviews having expected a few more by…

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    Digital Rights… free for a limited time

    To help readers with their Aurora Award nominations I’ve uploaded my Writers of the Future winning story ‘Digital Rights’ to Smashwords. Blurb: Izzy’s new job aboard a solar station orbiting Earth becomes more complicated when she begins receiving cryptic messages from a ghost. And if you use coupon HB67G on checkout you can have the story for free. If you enjoy ‘Digital Rights’ please consider nominating it for an Aurora award. Nominations are free and the deadline for them is April 30 2011. Not coincidentally that is also the day the coupon expires :) Thanks! Read the story Nominate the story – Brent p.s. I’ll be putting the story up…

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    Writers of the Future XXVI

    Just a reminder for new readers to this blog that Writers of the Future Anthology #26 is full of top-notch science fiction and fantasy stories, including my own ‘Digital Rights’. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, here’s some handy dandy links for you. Note that you can purchase Kindle versions instead of print if that’s your preference. Amazon.com Amazon.ca Kindle ‘Digital Rights’ is also eligible for the Aurora Awards so if you read it and like it please consider nominating it!

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    Writers of the Future ‘gear’ has arrived

    A couple days late to be used as props for my Writers of the Future panel at Pure Speculation but I am glad to have finally received my extra copies of Writers of the Future 26, the trophy, and most importantly the framed print with Rebecca Gleason’s illustration for my story ‘Digital Rights’. For those who don’t know one of the perks for the writer winners of the contest is that each story receives an illustration from one of the illustrator winners… the writers don’t see the illustration until an unveiling at the end of the writing workshop week. And the writer gets to keep the illustration! Eventually there will…

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    Writers of the Future Book Signing

    While down at the Writers of the Future event we got to go to the Borders bookstore in Pasadena and sign some copies of Writers of the Future 26 and the Writers of the Future 25th Anniversary book that Kevin J. Anderson put together. Anyways there’s some pictures of the event on the Book Signings and Events blog. If you dig you can find a couple of pictures of me.

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    The Writers of the Future Week – Summary

    I could write a moving account of how amazing last week at the Writers of the Future event was. I could weave a narrative around the fantastic instruction provided by KD Wentworth and Tim Powers, interspersed with clever anecdotes I gleamed from the late night bullshit sessions with established authors. I could reminiscence about the incredible bonding experience of being thrown together with a group of strangers in unfamiliar territory. I could… but I really have a lot of writing tasks to get back to. Yesterday was the first day I met my word production goals since returning from LA and I want to keep rebuilding my momentum. So, instead,…

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    Illustrated Stories

    One of the highlights of placing in the Writers of the Future Contest is that my winning story will have an illustration created for it by one of the winners of the Illustrators of the Future contest. I can’t wait to see what part of/character(s) in the story will be illustrated. I have been lucky though and have had illustrations for a couple of my previous stories. “The Tale of Lady Spite” in Tales of the Talisman had a nice sketch of the ‘old lady by the river — complete with chains’ done by Erika McGinnis and “The End of the Road” in Not One of Us had an illustration…