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War of the Worlds Frontlines Available Now!

My story “John’s List” is now available in the War of the Worlds: Frontlines anthology from Northern Frights Publishing. Need another reason for buying this anthology? “John’s List” is the prequel to my Writers of the Future winning story “Digital Rights”.

War of the Worlds:Frontlines Update

Reviewed the edits for “John’s List” which will be appearing in the War of the Worlds anthology set to appear sometime in April and sent them back to the editor a couple days ago. The full table of contents is: After Welles by Michael Scott Bricker Weird Fruits by Camille Alexa Killers by Vincent L. […]

War of the Worlds Anthology Update

JW Schnar, the editor of War of the Worlds: Frontlines Anthology is revealing a few of the authors and brief blurbs about their stories every few days. Yesterday he put up the details for my story “John’s List”. Check it out on his blog over at Things Falling Apart.

Story Sale – Details

The story sale I mentioned last week was to Northern Frights Publishing’s War of the Worlds: Frontlines anthology. The story is a short science fiction tale called “John’s List”. The anthology should be available later this year.