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    I totally forgot to post some pictures of the toys that the kids got over the holidays. Here’s some highlights: (Does posting pics get me out of needing to actually write a post today? For those who want an update… book 4 of the Lazy Designer is done… I’m just doing some final tweaking and verifying it looks okay.)

  • Brent's Toys

    Brent Buys a Hydrogen Toy Car

    Now that I’m self employed I’ve found that I have had to create my own ‘progression system’ to help keep myself motivated. So I pick out ‘toys’ and after reaching certain writing goals, I buy them. Now the point of this is to buy things I don’t really need, but will maybe amuse me or the kids for a bit. Now I’ve always been interested in the hydrogen fuel cell and I was curious to see one in action. So my latest gift-to-myself is the H-Racer 2.0 from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. It only took a couple days to arrive and is what it looked like after I opened it…