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    Read This: Stealing Death by Brent Knowles

    Cynthia’s fingers clutched the steering wheel tightly as she drove the beach road, her headlights barely cutting through the summer night’s fog. Steve wanted to apologize but did not know how. “We’re going back tomorrow,” she said. “I tried,” Steve protested, hating how weak his words sounded. She sighed. “Damn it Steven, you acted like I wasn’t even there tonight. This vacation was suppose to… you promised me that the accident was… was behind you.” “It is,” he said. Cynthia had looked beautiful, the night had been calm, just a warm breeze to caress the skin, and the food had tasted great. But Steve had been distracted. Even when they…

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    Lucky #13

    Seems I sold my thirteenth story (a horror story called ‘Stealing Death’). It will be published in the 13th issue of a gruesome little horror magazine… I’ll post more details once I know its okay. Thrilled… it has been a bit of a dry spell for story sales so it is nice to get one more in before the Writers of the Future event, coming up shortly.