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    Reviews for Nikki 2.3

    My story ‘Nikki 2.3’, currently available at The Journal Of Unlikely Entomology, has had a couple of reviews come in. Most recently, there’s a positive review from Sam Tomaino at SFRevu: “Our narrator here, is also “female”, a sexbot A.I. that is stuck in a computer, abandoned by he boss, HotDawg. She finds a way to get out, using a sex toy that had been left lying about.” You can read the full review at SFRevu. There was also a review by Lois Tilton, over at Locus!

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    Why I Seldom Write Reviews

    Long time readers may have noticed that I used to write reviews somewhat regularly on this site but that I seldom do so anymore. It is not because I’m a lazy bastard. Basically I’ve received a lot of advice (in regards to writing reviews), from the workshops at the Writers of the Future event to more private correspondence and all of it basically suggests that reviewing other writers will only lead to hurt feelings and worse, possibly damaged professional relationships down the road. A writer might be pissed off at a negative review, or that writer’s agent, or that writer’s publisher. So I don’t write many reviews. Of course every…

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    A Note About Reviews

    For the Readers Occasionally I do reviews of magazines and novels on the blog. These reviews are almost always short and generally positive, more of a “hey I read this”. I’ll seldom go into great detail, usually only if I really like or dislike something, or if I know the person who has written the piece. This is more a matter of time, than an inclination. I know I always like stumbling across a person who has read a story of mine. For the Writers If you’d like me to link your name or story to your website, just message me and let me know, I’ll be happy to do…

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    Review for "From the Sea"

    A nice review from SFCrowsnest about my story “From the Sea” in On Spec #78 …This story is not very heavy on fantasy but it’s perceptive about humans. The bleak setting and the hard life of a fishing village were well conveyed and the story was quite moving. Read the full review here. In all they really liked the issue.