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My Fiction Site

Because I like to fiddle I’ve rolled out a new fiction site — a showcase of my published work. It now supports reviews and excerpts too. fiction.brentknowles.com Unlike past sites, I’ve built myself an admin page to easily add projects. Because it is really only a couple php and json files I imagine it could […]

Another Revised Novel

Just finished revisions on another novel. There’s well established advice that you should never fiddle with a completed manuscript unless being asked to do so by an editor, but I do find myself drawn towards re-editing. Often this is because of specific comments on a rejected manuscript. This particular bout of editing however sprung from […]

Things You Might Not Know

For those of you who are interested in such things I thought it might be worthwhile to list a variety of facts about me. Some true, some not so much. TRUE FACTS I write short stories and novels I won first place in the third quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest (2009) for […]

Halfway to Three

This week has been productive writing wise… I just passed the halfway point on my third novel (first draft). If I keep an aggressive schedule I”ll finish the rough draft by early July. Then I’ll spend a month or so reviewing it (while preparing for the fourth novel) and then start in on a revision […]

iPad App – Noterize

A few weeks ago I purchased the iPad App Noterize to assist me in editing a novel that is still in draft form. Wow. This is probably the most useful application I have on the iPad. Basically you import a pdf file (from a variety of sources) onto the iPad and can then make markup […]

Self Publishing – Joe Konrath

Been doing a lot of catch up reading over at Joe Konrath’s blog. In case you don’t know he has had tremendous success selling his novels on his own. For years he counseled writers not to self-publish but recently he has changed his stance on this. Very interesting is one mock question and answer he […]

The Novel is Done

So I’ve finished the second novel this year! I still have to edit this one (and sell it!) before anybody sees it of course. Overall I’m satisfied with it. It is too long (115 000 words) but I overwrite my first drafts and I’m sure most of those extra words will disappear. Unlike the first […]

How do you write?

After working many years with BioWare, much of those being spent helping to design tools that writers use, I’ve gained a fair bit of experience with understanding how creative types, create. As a writer myself, I’ve often used my own experience to help guide tool development and even created my own writing platform YourOtherMind . […]