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Another Novel Finished

Yesterday I completed the first draft for my latest novel. No title exists yet so I’ve just been calling it the ‘Blue Bay’ novel to this point. At 158 000 words, I believe this is my longest first draft (aside from another novel that I have since discarded). I’ve been writing the novel since August […]

The Sad Fate of Ten Little Stories

I’ve been busy with the novel. Really busy. I had hoped to finish it before my writing time vanished but I’m still three chapters shy of completing the rough draft. Since I’ve been so busy I’ve been neglecting maintaining my submissions. What I mean by this, is that when stories are rejected, I need to […]

127 750 Words

Another hasty update, still hammering away at finishing the rough draft of the latest novel before I lose the bulk of my writing time for this school year. As the title probably suggests, I am sitting at about 127 750 with 8 chapters remaining to write. Doing the rough maths in my head, and considering […]

Novel 5 is Alive!

I’ve finished the first draft of the fifth novel! I started writing mid-July, so it has taken me a tad longer than I originally intended (meaning that yes, I’m behind schedule). In my defense the novel has turned out to be slightly longer than I intended, weighing in at about 130 000 words. I have […]

First Draft Finished

Just completed the first draft of the third novel! Now I’ll be looking at revisions. One thing that I’m noticing is that with each novel the revisions phase seems to be shortening. This time around there’s no chapter reordering or major additions or removals required. Still a lot of cleanup needed of course… some weak […]

Novel Edits

Sorry for the quietness but I’m busy with Empire Avenue and novel edits… I’m kicking this novel out of my house by the end of the month no matter what. As well I’ve been playing around with a secret project (not writing or Empire Avenue related). And no I’m not telling you about it yet. […]


With 4700 words, the first draft of my novel is finished. It ended up at 108000 words, a little long as I’ve noted before but I’ll have it below 100k for the final draft. Most of the writing happened after January, so not bad output for three months. I had planned to be finished in […]