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    Aurora Awards 2011

    Congratulations to the Aurora Award winners for 2011! Very pleased to see that Hayden Trenholm’s story the “Burden of Fire” won for Best English story. My story ‘The Kol Effect’ was in that same issue of Neo-Opsis. That’s the second time I’ve shared space with one of Hayden’s stories; my first sale to On Spec (“A Ragman’s Vow”) appeared in issue #73 with Hayden’s story “Love in its Season”. The full list of winners can be found at Locus Online.

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    The Kol Effect

    Noticed that the table of contents for issue nineteen of Neo-Opsis has been posted and that my story ‘The Kol Effect‘ is the second story in the issue. And for a second time I am sharing a byline with Hayden Trenholm. Previously we were both in On Spec #73. In this issue of Neo-Opsis there are also stories by Patrick Scalisi, Teresa Howard, J.Y.T. Kennedy and Paula R. Stiles. The cool cover is by Christina Price.

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    Story sold to Neo-opsis

    I was pleased to find out recently that I’ve sold my story “The Kol Effect” to Neo-opsis. My story is a fun little time travel tale (and this from a guy who dislikes time travel stories!). I am very happy that Neo-opsis accepted it as I thought it a fine fit for the magazine. Neo-opsis is a Canadian magazine, I believe it is published out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It has won the Aurora award twice (2007 & 2009) and I’ve enjoyed every issue that I’ve read. Subscriptions are available from the website.