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I totally forgot to post some pictures of the toys that the kids got over the holidays. Here’s some highlights: (Does posting pics get me out of needing to actually write a post today? For those who want an update… book 4 of the Lazy Designer is done… I’m just doing some final tweaking and […]

Welcome to 2014

Yeah, I know January is already (almost) over without an update from me. I’m just busy. Very busy. (More on that later). I’m *almost* done the fourth book in the Lazy Designer series… just finishing up final edits on that over the next couple weeks. For now, instead I’m just going to post a few […]

Game Dev Update

Decent work has progressed on the kid’s educational/robot building game (and to the supplemental document I’m writing to explain my design process on it). If you are bored/curious, it’s the top link on my unity page. Lower your expectations accordingly. It is not feature complete, but it’s feature sufficient and probably won’t be tweaked too […]

Smarty Games

Work continues on the second kid’s game I’m building. I doubt it’ll be of any interest to readers, aside from the design lessons I’ve learned (and maybe the Unity experience I’ve gained), but the work-in-progress is lingering on the site if you want to hunt for it :) I’m about 50% complete, in regards to […]

Lazy Designer – Book 5 – The Design Manager

I’ve finished writing the rough draft for the last book in the Lazy Designer series. This book focuses on what it is like to be a design manager in the game’s industry and I hope it is of interest to readers. It sits at about 55 000 words (pre-editing), making it neither the shortest nor […]

Contributor Copies

This was suppose to go up a couple days ago, but I was busy, so here you go. One of the cooler moments in writing is when you receive a contributor copy. Given that much of what I sell now is sold to online magazines, I’m not getting quite so many print copies as I […]

Game Design Thoughts

Those following the site probably noticed that the other day I posted a… thingy. (I don’t want to quite call it a game). Anyways, if you follow this link you’ll seen one area (in unity) for a very simple kid’s spelling game. And by very simple, I mean VERY SIMPLE. (If you want to read […]

Lazy Designer…

I’ve been working on several Unity projects, none of them are “real games”, just continuations of prototype work. I wanted to see how deploying the web version of Unity went and ran into some snags last week. Ultimately I needed to extract the kid’s game I was working on from the project that had all […]


I’ve been working on Lazy Designer Book 4 and finished the rough draft of it today (it was mostly done earlier in the year, except for the sections on worldbuilding). I have also continued with some editing chores on other projects. So, as usual, lots of work but nothing much I can show you yet. […]


The big news for me this update is that the anthology “Oomph: A Little Super Goes a Long Way”, from Crossed Genres, will be released on October 28th. This anthology contains my story ‘Great White’ and I’ll provide links and whatnot on the release date. The full table of contents is: “Hat Trick” – Beth […]