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Novel. Is. Sent.

So I submitted my novel proposal yesterday. Quite excited, first time I’ve subbed a novel in over ten years (while busy at BioWare I really didn’t feel I had the time to write novels, focused instead on short stories). For the novel I choose a publisher that accepted electronic submissions (print will come next, if […]

Adverb Hunter

Thought I had posted this earlier but couldn’t find it. I’m about halfway through doing revisions to the novel (proofreading, improving phrasing, that sort of thing). Over at yourothermind.com (my software for writers blog) I noted that I had added a simple adverb detection system to YOM a few months ago. And then promptly forgot […]

Finishing the first Novel

Well I am nearing the finish line on the novel! The last third is going a lot faster than the previous sections though I suspect that has more to do with these chapters being more complete after the first draft than any newfound skill on my part. See, when I wrote the first draft I […]

Novel Progress

I announce most of my novel progress through twitter but thought I’d do an actual quick post summarizing things. I am writing the second draft of the novel, the middle bits having turned out to be a complete rewrite with the beginning and ending looking like they will stay close to the original draft. I’m […]

Birth of a social network – Empire Avenue

It has now been several months since I first started participating in the beta for Empire Avenue. I was a latecomer to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter so I’ve never really been in the position of watching a network unfold before. Just watching the newcomers list and seeing where they are signing in from has been […]

Creating an ePub File

I’ve passed the 25% mark on the second draft of the novel. As I mentioned previously I am writing the novel using a simple markup language that I can then ‘export’ to Word. However I realized that most of the time I am then converting the Word document to an eBook for my reader’s reading […]


With 4700 words, the first draft of my novel is finished. It ended up at 108000 words, a little long as I’ve noted before but I’ll have it below 100k for the final draft. Most of the writing happened after January, so not bad output for three months. I had planned to be finished in […]

One more chapter to go!

Wrote a bit over 4000 words today. I have only one chapter left to go and my first draft of my first novel is finished. In slightly less good news the novel is now over a hundred thousand words in length. I’m going to be trying to remove a lot during the second draft as […]

Word Progress so Far

Since the beginning of the year I’ve set myself some firm word count goals and to my delight I’ve been able to meet and often exceed them. I took a quick look at my tracking and I’ve now written over 75 000 words since January. The bulk of this has been on the novel but […]