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2013 Year End

This is the time of year that I review my goals and milestones for the previous year and bore all of you with the gory details :) I am well pleased with how well the Lazy Designer series performed. I’ve exceeded sales from prior years, I think in large part helped by the release of […]

Word Goals

For those of you who stop into this blog but are really only interested in Lazy Designer news, you can subscribe directly at the new Lazy Designer site. This replaces the old “Lazy” mailing list and I have already transitioned those who had signed up there. If you sign up you should receive, via e-mail, […]

Word Goal Reached

This week I passed the 300 000 word mark for 2012’s writing effort. Most of this work has been on novel #5 and Lazy Designer #3 but I also wrote more stories this year than I have in any other one year period. I am light on words, compared to the past two years (last […]


As noted several times in the past I set particular goals for myself at the start of the year. As it is nearing the halfway point of 2011 (and I know I’ll be too busy to post this closer to the end of June) I’ll give a quick update now. I set two types of […]

2010 Wrap-up

This is my year end summary of my writing endeavors for 2010. Overview Not surprisingly (given my ability to write full-time) this was my most productive writing year. I wrote in excess of 400 000 words, including my novel Latelander and a second novel. My word count goal for the year had been 240 000 […]

A Couple Goals Met Early

At the start of the year I made several goals that I wanted to meet by the end of the year and while doing a bit of bookkeeping last night I noticed that I’ve succeed in achieving a few. This is the first full year that I’ve devoted serious time to writing. I wanted to […]

Word Progress so Far

Since the beginning of the year I’ve set myself some firm word count goals and to my delight I’ve been able to meet and often exceed them. I took a quick look at my tracking and I’ve now written over 75 000 words since January. The bulk of this has been on the novel but […]