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Table of Contents: Lazy Designer Book 3 – Exploration and Gameplay

I’m sure the crafty reader has figured out my plan, in regards to releasing the Table of Contents for the past books and there is no surprise that today, I reveal the contents of the third book in the Lazy Designer series. Here’s the blurb: Brent Knowles continues his Lazy Designer series with a look […]

Just Like Old Times…

Lazy Designer Book 3 is almost ready to go. I’m just reviewing the uploaded copy on the Kindle Previewer. I’m treating this much like I would treat the release of a game. As I go through the near-final draft I’m spot-fixing any poorly worded phrases I encounter, in the source material, but unless I encounter […]

Lazy Designer Book 3 Exploration and Gameplay Is…

Not finished yet. I am working on it. It is just that it has so much more content than the previous two volume combined, that it’s more akin to finishing one of my novels. Which means, it takes time. That said, I have finally finished my giant grammar pass through all the sections and have […]

Doors (Lazy Designer #3 Excerpt)

I realize I have not been posting much game design related information to this blog, so here’s a snippet from the rough copy of the next Lazy Designer book. This excerpt is from the systems chapter of Lazy Designer #3 : Designing Gameplay (now available on Amazon). Doors Doors seem simple, at least in our […]

Features – Hidden versus Growing

Changing the User Interface This section is most applicable to point-and-click adventure games but has some relevance for related types of games In a point-and-click adventure game the player is able to click on certain hotspots on a painted map (i.e., click on a bucket to pour water). By clicking in different locations outcomes can […]