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What BioWare Has Learned

Okay, I originally started writing this earlier in the week after receiving several queries, in regards to Dragon Age 3 – Inquistion. So, I didn’t know when I began writing this that Ray and Greg were retiring from BioWare. So I want to start this post with wishing Ray and Greg good luck in their […]

Dragon Age Redemption

I’ve finally gotten around to watching the six episodes in the web series “Dragon Age Redemption” starring Felicia Day. What did I think? Well I’ll qualify what follows with two points: I don’t like web series. I find they have too much preamble and postamble for a few minutes of entertainment. I don’t generally go […]

A Box of BioWare

In this box… all the ‘written stuff’ I accumulated during my years with BioWare. While most of the paper is related to the two sales that occurred while I was with BioWare (selling a company generates a lot of paperwork!) there is some interesting stuff in here too. The black notebooks are full of ‘to […]

Interview with me has gone live at Blogcritics

If you are absolutely dying to know more about me I recently did an interview over at Blogcritics. http://blogcritics.org/scitech/article/an-interview-with-brent-knowles-writer/ I have to admit being called an emperor does good things for my ego.

Dragon Age 2 Demo

Several visitors to this blog asked me to check out the Dragon Age 2 demo and I finally had the chance to do so last night. (Note: I played it on the xbox360… for comparison I never played Dragon Age Origins on a console, only the PC) Please keep in mind that this is only […]

Auroras, Stories, and More

Just a reminder that my story ‘Digital Rights’ is free right now as part of a Smashword promotion. If you are Canadian and enjoy it please consider nominating it for an Aurora reward. If you are not Canadian and liked it please consider writing a Smashword’s review (and if you are on Empire Avenue let […]

Dragon Age Wins Big At Canadian Videogame Awards

Just noticed that Dragon Age won both Game of the Year and the best writing award at the Canadian Videogame Awards — see the Edmonton Journal article for details. Sending a huge congrats to the Dragon Age team. Well done!

BioWare-Brent Year 6 (Fall 2004 – Summer 2005)

This is the sixth of ten posts, one for each year that I worked for BioWare. And Along Came Jade So there I was busily working away on Dragon Age, settling into a good routine when one day I’m drawn into a Serious Discussion. Now these are always worrying, they usually mean something is up. […]

Dragon Age Review at Tor.com

I was pleased to stumble across a Dragon Age review on the Tor.com blog. Mur Lafferty, the blogger, is enjoying the game and has written an entertaining review. http://www.tor.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=blog&id=58659

BioWare-Brent Year 5 (Fall 2003 – Summer 2004)

This is the fifth of ten posts, one for each year that I worked for BioWare. Conquering the Hordes of the Underdark As summer 2003 turned into fall, the Hordes of the Underdark team was hard at work on the second Neverwinter Nights expansion. We were fast approaching our deadlines and I was able to […]