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    The Writers of the Future Week – Summary

    I could write a moving account of how amazing last week at the Writers of the Future event was. I could weave a narrative around the fantastic instruction provided by KD Wentworth and Tim Powers, interspersed with clever anecdotes I gleamed from the late night bullshit sessions with established authors. I could reminiscence about the incredible bonding experience of being thrown together with a group of strangers in unfamiliar territory. I could… but I really have a lot of writing tasks to get back to. Yesterday was the first day I met my word production goals since returning from LA and I want to keep rebuilding my momentum. So, instead,…

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    Writers of the Future Volume 26

    Thanks to Scott, a fellow winner in the Writers of the Future Contest, I saw that Amazon has the next volume of Writers of the Future for pre-order! This is exciting (to me) because it has my story ‘Digital Rights’ in it (not by itself of course, the other winners all have their excellent stories in it too!)

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    The Underachieving Story

    Currently I’m struggling through editing/rebuilding a story I wrote the first draft of back in January. I’m really procrastinating (hence this blog post). It just has never had the ‘magic’ I thought the original concept would deliver. Anyways, I went through some old notes on other stories as a way to avoid the dread edit and realized something. Last year, spring, I wrote three stories back to back. Of the three I thought one was great, one was good and one was okay. The great story still has yet to find a home. The good story was recently sold. And the ‘okay’ story? Well, I never really felt it achieved…