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Looking over some posts from December last year I remembered that I had asked what kind of content people wanted to see more of on the blog. And then I realized I had completely ignored the one suggestion I had been given! More cookies! So to amend that I’m posting the link to a shortbread […]

Everybody loves Cookies

So I was looking over my website statistics and realized that a not insignificant portion of search traffic leads here because of my Spider Cookies recipe page. Seriously. Here I thought the traffic was because of my game design articles or my stories. Perhaps next year I should write a cookbook or something. Any suggestions […]

Name the Cookies Formerly Known as Spider Cookies

I do not think I have ever posted about cookies before, but here goes (and yes today was a slow news day around the House of Brent). The other day I mentioned making spider cookies and received a few ‘gross’ comments, people thinking that I was maybe eating sugar-coated spiders, I guess. Which would be […]