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Magazine Subscriptions

Most readers probably know that I subscribe to Black Gate and On Spec fairly regularly but there are other magazines I have subscriptions for (or have had subscriptions for). I allocate a budget for magazine subscriptions and every year I choose *different* magazines to subscribe in. Even if I find a magazine I like, I […]

Black Gate has arrived!

Received issue 14 of Black Gate and have started reading it. The magazine is a print magazine but given the expense of using the postal system, I elected to continue my subscription via PDF. So far happy with it. Formatting is good, I’ll test it on a variety of devices and give an update later. […]

Rogue Blades Entertainment & Black Gate Subscription

Check out this notice over at Black Gate… basically you can get a rebate on a Rogue Blades anthology with the purchase of a new Black Gate subscription. Since my subscription to Black Gate has expired, I think I might go and take advantage of this…

Fave magazines

Two of my favorite magazines are On Spec and Black Gate (they cater to two different readings tastes but both provide intelligent and entertaining stories every issue). Anyways the folks on the Black Gate blog have posted a short note congratulating On Spec on their 20th anniversary! If you haven’t read both of these fine […]

Review: Black Gate 13

I have every issue of Black Gate… a fantastic magazine. I don’t think I’ve posted any reviews for it yet though, so I’ll start with the latest issue. (Note: I subscribe to the print issue, but there is now a digital copy available too). The Beautiful Corridor Jonathan L. Howard Good, fun adventure tale, with […]