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Something Different

I’ve mentioned numerous ways for you to read reprints of my previously published works on various ‘ebook’ devices but for those dedicated to print there’s a option for you too. There’s a cool site called AnthologyBuilder where you can peruse hundreds of previously published stories and assemble your own anthology. Then they’ll print it and […]

What do I do?

Some of those cheering me on in my writing endeavors have expressed curiosity about how the whole ‘writing-process’ works, not specifically the writing itself but how a writer goes about submitting stories to magazines and so on. Given that I’m a fairly obliging fellow I figured I’d add some illumination to the process and describe, […]

Stories and Amazon Sales

So something strange happened this week… one of my stories was priced ‘free’ on Amazon (I mentioned it briefly last post). So far my publishing short story reprints to Amazon… Smashwords… AnthologyBuilder has been mostly an experiment in ePublishing, testing the waters so to speak. Sales have been far from brisk :) But with ‘The […]

‘Digital Rights’ – AnthologyBuilder

My Writers of the Future winning story ‘Digital Rights’ is now available at AnthologyBuilder. So there are now four places to read this story! I really am making this as convenient for you as possible. – In Writers of the Future XXVI – On the Kindle – On a variety of eBook devices through Smashwords […]

AnthologyBuilder – Digital Copy

According to their latest blog post AnthologyBuilder will be allowing the option for stories to be printed into digital eAnthologies! Users will have a choice of printing a custom print anthology or choosing a digital copy instead. This is pretty cool news and I’ve made sure to enable this for my stories on the site. […]

The Monastery at AnthologyBuilder

I’ve been talking a lot about my Kindle and Smashwords reprints but I also have many of my story reprints available as part of AnthologyBuilder. This is a cool site that lets you take story reprints of your choice and assemble them into a print on demand book! My latest story the Monastery just went […]

A Ragman’s Vow now available on AnthologyBuilder

My story “A Ragman’s Vow” which originally appeared in On Spec a few years ago (and then later reprinted in A Thousand Faces) is now available on AnthologyBuilder. This story is definitely one of my favorites and has been reviewed quite favorably (including a mention from Rich Horton). I now have four stories on AnthologyBuilder […]

AnthologyBuilder – story sales

Two of my stories (The End of the Road & His Island) are available for inclusion in custom made print anthologies and I was thrilled the other day to discover that some kind folks have actually purchased them for inclusion in a couple anthologies (thank you!). I’m paid royalties for each sale, so that’s kind […]

His Island now available at AnthologyBuilder

Very happy that my story His Island, originally published in Quantum Muse, is now available for inclusion into custom print anthologies via AnthologyBuilder.

AnthologyBuilder – submit your artwork!

I just created a fantastic anthology with AnthologyBuilder but I would have loved more cover art to choose from. If you’re an artist and have some art you think might be suitable for covers, check out the art submission guidelines.