Stories by Brent Knowles – Kindles, iPads, and Smashwords

This is a list of stories by Brent Knowles (a recent winner of the Writers of the Future contest) for Kindles, iPhones, iPods, and iPads. All of these stories are reprints, having appeared previously in magazines or anthologies.

“A Ragman’s Vow”
Dan, a comic book writer attempts to rescue his wife from a dangerous criminal but Dan’s life and that of the comic book superhero he has created becomes blurred —

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‘A Ragman’s Vow’ by Brent Knowles is a wonderful tale of magical realism, and the best tale in this installment of On Spec. Dan is the creator of a comic book featuring Ragman, a dark superhero who draws his power from the misery of the slums…

— Jim Stratton, read full review over at the Fix

“His Island” Ghosts are haunting a recently resurfaced island near Iceland, threatening the crew researching the island’s reappearance — Read now on Amazon!

“John’s List” John Seven, a clone, is scouring deep space to rescue his creator’s lover from a race of brutal aliens. It falls to him and his crew of fellow clones to finish what their originals started. In the final battle between human and alien John will be forced to choose between following his duty or following his heart — Read now at Smashwords.

“The End of the Road” A war weary soldier learns the truth about the battle suit he has been wearing for decades — Read now on Amazon!

“The Tale of Lady Spite” The young and arrogant daughter of a small town minister discovers a legend that, if decoded, promises her the wealth she covets to escape village life. But she finds instead that there is always more than one side to every story — Read now at Smashwords.

There’s more… check out Brent’s profile at Smashwords.

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The full list of Brent’s stories can be found here.