Stone Eater

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game designer and author
A dwarf and master builder finds himself forced to do the unthinkable.

Abyss and Apex


Ongar stopped eating the pebbles on the eleventh night of his impalement. The badger that had collected them growled at him, frustrated and concerned, but Ongar was determined now to end his life.


As the story goes on, we learn how Ongar ended up in his predicament and what becomes of him, and the entire story feels very emotionally honest and real for a work of fantasy (as good fantasy should). The world at large is hinted at in such a way that makes this story feel like part of a larger and realistic land that I would be interested in reading more about, but the story itself is nicely self-contained.

reviewed by Andy Goldman at LITHICBEE

“Stone Eater” is a meditation on folly, obsession, and sacrifice.

Jeff Chapman at Jeff Chapman’s Writing

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