From the Sea

More about Brent Knowles,
game designer and author
A fisherman realizes that his adult son has learned all the wrong lessons from him after they save a drowning woman from the sea.

On Spec #78 Fall


(This issue also contains an interview with Brent)

“Throw it back, old man!” The panic and uncertainty in Geff’s voice had more to do with the mermaid than the violent, churning waters.
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One fine example is the wonderfully wrought fantasy tale From The Sea by Brent Knowles…

Judy Darley gives a very favorable review at Essential Writer

…This story is not very heavy on fantasy but it’s perceptive about humans. The bleak setting and the hard life of a fishing village were well conveyed and the story was quite moving.

Eamonn Murphy at SF Crowsnest

…throws mermaids and strange puritan women into an intriguing mix.

Tony Owens at HorrorScope

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