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Brent’s Stories Available (So Far) This Year…

So this has been an interesting year for me. I haven’t really kept a tally in previous years but I’m sure 2012 has seen more stories of mine published than in any other year. So far I’ve had six stories appear, with another slotted to be out before the end of the year (and two […]

Trains, Trains, Trains

Yep, this is what I’ve been up to lately. The kids love the new Lego train set and I’ve been buying too many accessories for it. Well, okay, I’m doing a bit more than just playing with trains. Mostly I’ve been writing, editing, writing. I wrote rough drafts for several stories last summer and I’m […]

I Have a Confession to Make

I have actually been on vacation the last two weeks. Probably some of you have noticed that my activity online was lowered. Perhaps you did not. The trip was basically to introduce the kids to some great grandmothers they had not met yet as well as some other family and friends. We abandoned Edmonton (and […]

Subscribe to this Blog (if you want to)

If you would like to receive updates when new posts are added there are two quick and easy ways to do so. The first is to subscribe to the feed (a list of new posts) through a feed reader. Just add my feed address to your favorite reader ( The reader I use is Google […]

Disqus Strike 2

Just ran into a problem with the commenting system I use for this blog — Disqus — wherein I couldn’t post a reply to a comment. It cleared itself up after about an hour but I’m curious if others have been getting weird errors when commenting with Disqus? If you’re unable to post a comment […]

Talk Stories

This is still work in progress but I’ve put a page listing my published stories by genre and with comment and review counts beside them as an alternate view to my bibliography. Feedback? Suggestions on how to make this more useful? p.s. feel free to go to the individual stories and add your own […]

Guess the Connection

Because I’m still recovering from the plague my kids passed onto me I don’t have the energy to write anything new, witty, or exciting. So instead I’m going to list a few writer blogs I follow and leave it to you to guess what they all have in common. Jordan Lapp Tony Pi Stephen Kotowych

New Comments System

MasterMaq (who I ‘met’ through Empire Avenue a while back) has changed his blog over to using the disqus commenting system. I have debating this for a while and have finally decided to do the same. It should be easier to comment now (not that it was really hard before) and the whole setup should […]

Catchy Title?

So because I was woken early by a train I’m sitting here wondering: Does my blog need a fancy title? Many blogs have titles, usually a witty phrase, a snippet of wordage that cleverly defines the blogger or their life experience. Any thoughts or suggestions? Feel free to post those while I go search for […]

Upgrade Complete

Okay the update is complete. Didn’t notice any obvious problems. I should note that I won’t be updating the blog as often as I used to (I was averaging 1-2 posts a day over the summer… expect this to be more like 3-4 a week). I’ve fallen behind in finishing the second novel and need […]