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    The Casual Gamer?

    For those not directly in the gaming industry, you may not have heard the phrase “the casual gamer”. Effectively this is a label embracing all the potential game players who don’t regularly play video games, but potentially or occasionally do play. This audience is (theoretically) larger than the “rest of us”, those of us who play games because we enjoy gameplay. In my mind the casual gaming audience consists of all the people who are willing to spend their Entertainment Bucks (the cash they don’t need for food, housing, diapers, whatever). For them games are one potential outlet on which they will spend these Entertainment bucks, in that way games…

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    Dual Monitors

    Dual Monitors What does it do? YourOtherMind, the Writer’s Organizer has always worked with multiple monitors but with this version a few convenience features have been added. The first option maximizes the Writer’s Organizer across all the user’s screens, and the second option restores it to just working on one screen. Reason for this Feature The user no longer needs to manually stretch/shrink the application to fit their monitors. How To Use It Go to Window|Dual Monitors|Across All Screens. This will maximize the application. Selecting Window|Dual Monitors|Just Left Screen resets the application to using just the leftmost monitor. Applies To Main Notebook To learn more about YourOtherMind, the Writer’s Organizer,…

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    Random Sentences

    Random Sentences What does it do? For brainstorming fun random sentences can be generated in the body of any text note. These can be used to help trigger fresh ideas, or to get a blocked writer busy typing up the story behind the random sentence. Reason for this Feature To help with getting past writing block or with structured writing exercises. How To Use It First the user needs to write an appropriate base sentence. This would be a valid sentence: The noun verb to the noun. The words noun & verb would be replaced with random words from the dictionary. (The full list of word replacements are: noun, verb,…

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    His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik

    I should preface this post by noting that I know Naomi, having worked with her for a short period of time on the first Neverwinter Nights expansion pack, Shadows of Undrentide. Though to show how little I knew her, I had no idea she was writing (or was going to write) a novel. She was mostly doing scripting work (setting up game plots, et cetera), though I think she also did some dialog writing and art/animation tasks for Shadows. Anyways, a few years later I found out she had written His Majesty’s Dragon, the first in a series of novels set in an alternate Earth wherein dragons have always existed.…

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    StickIt – Background Color… what happened!?

    Before version 8.1 of YourOtherMind, the writer’s organizer, the background color for a StickIt page was determined by the user’s choice of desktop colors. We wanted to give the user more control over this and so with version 8.1 the user can set the color manually (by going to the Details tab on the main screen). Unfortunately this means soem Stickit pages might default to a weird color (usually a nice vomit green). Easily fixed though by going to the Details page and choosing a new color.

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    What is a Worgan?

    I get email every once in a while from people who are still using Worgan or have just stumbled upon it. Worgan means Writers Organizer and was the first shareware program I wrote. The concepts I developed in that led to me creating YourOtherMind and Visual Desk. While Worgan was very useful I knew I could create something more robust and faster by starting over… hence YourOtherMind. Both have note organizational capabilities, brainstorming, submission tracking, world building and so on but YourOtherMind (in my opinion) is more polished, more flexible, and easier to use. Why didn’t I keep the name Worgan? YourOtherMind wasn’t compatible with Worgan… same concept but the…