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    Game Dev Update

    Decent work has progressed on the kid’s educational/robot building game (and to the supplemental document I’m writing to explain my design process on it). If you are bored/curious, it’s the top link on my unity page. Lower your expectations accordingly. It is not feature complete, but it’s feature sufficient and probably won’t be tweaked too much more. The most recent addition I’ve made to it is a player tracking mechanism, so I can keep tabs on how well the kids are doing while playing the various educational levels. There’s no front-end view for the data yet, but I’m tracking what I need to be tracking. This tracking led to an…

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    Priced to Die

    “Why We Should Fear Ourselves More Than Pirates” So now that I’m seeing reports of SOPA and PIPA having been defeated by overwhelming negative opinion many are breathing sighs of relief. And others are cursing violently (but generally silently). Among game developers and writers, my two primary areas of interaction, opinions are mixed. Many are worried about piracy eating into their revenues. For freelance writers and indie game developers it does not take a lot of piracy to put a stranglehold on their revenue stream. Still I think there’s a larger concern than pirates for content creators. Why We Should Fear The $0.99 App and Novel One interesting thing I’ve…

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    Recommended: Teamworkpm

    Yep, I’ve been quiet around here. I’m in the midst of nanowrimo, striving towards writing the rough draft for novel 4 this month. However I did want to make mention of some software that I’ve been using recently. It is a web-based task/project management tool called Teamworkpm. What do I like about it? It is simple to use and flexible. You can track time and add a place to upload resources to. Or you can use it simply for its tasks list (I basically ignore everything except the main task page). Because it is web based it is painless I can go to it on my iPad and add a…

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    Sifteo Early Access Program

    Sifteo is pre-selling test units of their Sifteo blocks. I was about to shell out the money for this but unfortunately they only ship to the United States. If you like new tech and live in the States go check their site out and if you get the blocks let me know what you think of them! I’ll try not to be jealous of you.