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Read this Week – The Assault on Reason

Finished reading The Assault on Reason by Al Gore. Overall I enjoyed this book. I know very little about the United State’s system of government and I thought this a good primer, though probably biased a little. But Mr. Gore’s reasoning behind what he feels were the intentions of the Founders and why they wrote […]

Inevitable post about G20

Like many Canadians I watched the news last night and was horrified by the vandalism during the G20. The Canadian government really failed Toronto. I’ve heard quotes of over a billion dollars spent in preparation for this day and a half summit and none of the preparations were able to stop the destruction. It is […]

James Moore insults Canadians… not cool

Lots of discussion around C-32, a copyright bill here in Canada. A couple videos with Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore belittling Canadians who oppose the bill. One at itworld and another on youtube. I’m very unhappy with his use of language as if disagreeing with a bill somehow makes the citizens disagreeing ‘bad people’. Every […]