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Not Another Lego Picture

Still no real news to report so here’s a bit of a status update. First, progress on the Lazy Designer Book 3 is slow. And it has decided to reproduce. This is the book on gameplay and it seems that I have more to say on the subject than I initially imagined. I have almost […]

Lego Crawler

Some Lego creations for your perusal. Notice the use of old and new bricks*. *Yeah… I have no real updates for you.

Lego Games on iPod and iPad

Our sons (3 and 5 years old) are playing more and more with Lego, which pleases me greatly as I was a Lego kid growing up. Being a hoarder I kept most of my old Lego as well we have bought several newer sets for the kids. In the last couple months the two of […]