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Empire Avenue – Why you shouldn’t delete your account

One of the reasons I’ve seen people give for leaving Empire Avenue is that they weren’t going to be active online for a while and didn’t want their stock price to crash and ruin their friend’s portfolios. While this shows their admirable character, they really shouldn’t worry. Stock prices don’t really crash from low activity. […]

Empire Avenue – Press Release

The official press release discussing my joining Empire Avenue as a consultant went out a couple days ago. In case you missed it the link is here: I especially like the ‘incredibly good looking’ part :)

The Twitter Index

Today Empire Avenue rolled out the Twitter Index. Previously users could only buy shares in other Empire Avenue users. But now any Twitter person can be bought and sold… and it has spurred activity on Empire Avenue! I’ve talked in the past about how much I like the buy-and-sell gameplay system of Empire Avenue and […]

Empire Avenue – Community Discussion

For those Empire Avenue users out there who started using communities for topic-specific discussion but stopped there’s some good news. At the top of the community page there is now a summary of which communities have new topics in them. This will definitely help me (I’m in a boatload of communities) easily figure out which […]

Now an Empire Avenue Consultant

As some readers may have noticed I have joined the Empire Avenue team as a consultant. After I left BioWare I decided that I would only spend my time working on projects that I thought were interesting and fulfilling… which primarily meant my writing career but I remained open to the idea of contributing to […]

Empire Avenue – Recommended Influencers

Last week the social network Empire Avenue added a new feature highlighting other users on the site that you might be interested in following or buying shares in. I’m really liking this new feature. It has been several weeks since my last Empire Avenue post but I’ve still been active on the site though maybe […]

How to have fun on Empire Avenue

Noticed some people on the #EAV channel on twitter discussing Empire Avenue. As often happens there are some people upset with share price dropping. I previously discussed ways that influencers could stop me from selling them; see post#1 and post #2). This time around I thought I would explain how I’m playing the game now […]

Empire Avenue – Two Ways to Advertise?

Empire Avenue has a built in advertising system. To this point I’ve had some success with it — and I know there are improvements to the system coming in the future and I’m excited to check them out. One nice thing about it is that ingame cash (eaves) is spent on this advertising so unlike […]

Bring on the Robot Minions!

Anyone reading this for my writing or game design insights you can safely ignore this post. It is all about Empire Avenue. So I’ve had a Robots community on Empire Avenue for a while now that I have never really recruited anyone into. I just like robots. I think they are Neat’O. Given that discussion […]

Congratulations to the Empire Avenue team

I’ve blogged occasionally about Empire Avenue and up until today it was an invite-only beta. Now it has opened its doors to everyone — yes, that means you, everyone. Please encourage the hard working team to continue to, well, work hard, by signing up. Let me know you joined and I’ll buy a piece of […]