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Further Into the Serpent Sea…

Last week I was finally able to provide the title for my upcoming project. Going forward, I’ll now start explaining the world a bit more and what to expect from the Raiders of the Serpent Sea game master and player guides. Here’s a first look at the current back cover blurb for the player’s guide: […]

Announcement: Raiders of the Serpent Sea

In an earlier post I explained that I am making a campaign book with Arcanum Worlds. Well… now is the time for the proper announcement! Raiders of the Serpent Sea is a Norse-themed campaign book for 5e and will be published by the fine folks over at Modiphius Entertainment. They have released a full update […]

Dungeons & Dragons Campaign: Odyssey of the Dragonlords

Back in 2020 I proudly showed off my copies of Odyssey of the Dragonlords, a successful 5E D&D RPG Kickstarter by James Ohlen and Jesse Sky. At the time I mentioned I had started a campaign with my kids and some of their friends. Well the campaign is still going strong! We just completed the […]