A Ragman’s Vow

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game designer and author
Dan, the creator of a comic series featuring a dark superhero, has never recovered from the death of his young son and the loss of his wife, she blaming him for their son’s death. But when Dan sees her in the company of a known drug dealer, real life and fantasy merge as he tries to rescue her.

On Spec #73 Summer


Reprinted in A Thousand Faces (2010)

Below the slum known as the Labyrinth, Ragman sits atop an overturned crate, half submerged by sewage. Rats cover him. “Stop with the puppy dog eyes,” Ragman says to them, “you won’t make me feel guilty about leaving the boy…”
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‘A Ragman’s Vow’ by Brent Knowles is a wonderful tale of magical realism, and the best tale in this installment of On Spec. Dan is the creator of a comic book featuring Ragman, a dark superhero who draws his power from the misery of the slums…

Jim Stratton at The Fix

The stories of the artist Dan and his character Ragman are told in neat parallel with an ending that may be fantasy and may be luck…

Eamonn Murphy at SFCrowsnest

I also liked Claude Lalumiere’s ‘The Sea at Bari’ (Spring), about a man returning to Bari to encounter a childhood memory or obsession; Brent Knowles’ ‘The Ragman’s Vow’ (Summer), about a comic book writer whose character seems to come to life to help him battle his demons; and Marissa K. Lingen’s “Carter Hall Sweeps a Path”, which combines Tam Lin with curling

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