This is a list of stories that Brent Knowles has had published. You can also find reprints of his stories for Kindles, iPods, iBooks and such or see this list grouped by genre.


A Primer on the Ins and Outs of Building Bliss” — On Spec, TBD (Forthcoming – 2013-2014)

A Ragman’s Vow” — On Spec #73 Summer, 2008
Read: |Print|Web|Anthology Builder|Kindle/iPhone/iPod|Smashwords|Nook|Apple iTunes|Kobo|Sony Reader|‘A Ragman’s Vow’ by Brent Knowles is a wonderful tale of magical realism, and the best tale in this installment of On Spec. Dan is the creator of a comic book featuring Ragman, a dark superhero who draws his power from the misery of the slums… (The Fix)

Reprinted in — A Thousand Faces, 2010

A Terrible Loyalty” — On Spec #92, 2013
Read: |Print|


Cobbler and Minion” — Ruined Cities Anthology, 2013
Read: |Kindle/iPhone/iPod|


Digital Rights” — Writers of the Future XXVI, 2010 (First Place (3rd Quarter))
Read: |Print|Smashwords|Kindle/iPhone/iPod|Anthology Builder|Nook|Kobo|Sony Reader|Knowles writes with a fresh outlook on sci-fi and has created a strange new world that sounds daunting even if it is far away. (SF Site)


Foolish Wishes, Fairy Kisses” —, 2012
Read: |Web|

From the Sea” — On Spec #78 Fall, 2009 (This issue also contains an interview with Brent)
Read: |Print|Smashwords|Kindle/iPhone/iPod|Nook|Apple iTunes|Kobo|Sony Reader|One fine example is the wonderfully wrought fantasy tale From The Sea by Brent Knowles…(Essential Writer)


Great White” — Crossed Genres Ooomph Anthology, 2013
Read: |Kindle/iPhone/iPod|


Her Robot Babies” — Perihelion, 2014
Read: |Web|

His Island” — Quantum Muse, 2005
Read: |Mobipocket|Anthology Builder|eReader|Web|Kindle/iPhone/iPod|Smashwords|Nook|Apple iTunes|Kobo|Sony Reader|


Inside Magic Circles” — Perihelion Science Fiction, 2013
Read: |Web|


John’s List” — War of the Worlds Frontlines Anthology, 2010
Read: |Print|Anthology Builder|Web|Smashwords|Kindle/iPhone/iPod|Nook|Apple iTunes|Kobo|Sony Reader|


Nikki 2.3” — The Journal of Unlikely Entomology, 2012
Read: |Web|The narrator is the mind of a sexbot simulation, yearning for liberation. Fortunately, she is able to remotely control an electronic masturbator and is now able to meet the real world — which is not quite what she had expected.(Locus)


Onion Farmer” — Aoife’s Kiss (#42, September 2012), 2012
Read: |Print|


Proof in the Pudding” — Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Presents Flush Fiction: A Tantalizing Collection of Short Stories, 2012
Read: |Print|


Red Means Go” — On Spec, ? (Forthcoming – 2015)

Remembrances” — Ultraverse, 2005
Read: |Mobipocket|Web|


Sin and Toil” — On Spec, 2014
Read: |Kindle/iPhone/iPod|It’s a really neat idea, and the character that Knowles explores it through is someone that we can relate to and root for as he grapples with his failures, both to his family and his species(Brandon Crilly)

Slaying Dragons” — Plasma Frequency, 2013
Read: |Smashwords|

Some We Eat and Some We Keep” — Robot and Raygun Issue 2, 2014
Read: |Kindle/iPhone/iPod|And Brent Knowles unique style was also awesome….reminded me of Blade Runner for some reason, which is great!(Amazon)

Stealing Death” — Necrotic Tissue #13, 2011
Read: |Print|Kindle/iPhone/iPod|

Stone Eater” — Abyss and Apex, 2012
Read: |Web|As the story goes on, we learn how Ongar ended up in his predicament and what becomes of him, and the entire story feels very emotionally honest and real for a work of fantasy (as good fantasy should). The world at large is hinted at in such a way that makes this story feel like part of a larger and realistic land that I would be interested in reading more about, but the story itself is nicely self-contained.(LITHICBEE)

Summer Lover” — Shroud #12, Summer 2012
Read: |Print|


The End of the Road” — Not One of Us, 2006 (Received British Science Fiction Association Nomination)
Read: |Kindle/iPhone/iPod|Anthology Builder|Text|Print|Smashwords|Nook|Apple iTunes|Kobo|Sony Reader|…and Brent Knowles’ gothic science-fiction ‘The End of the Road’ are stories that make me want to read more from both authors as soon as possible.(Sovay’s livejournal)

The Kol Effect” — Neo-opsis, 2010
Read: |Print|Anthology Builder|

The Monastery” — Not One of Us – Hidden, 2010
Read: |Print|Smashwords|Kindle/iPhone/iPod|Anthology Builder|Apple iTunes|Nook|From Hidden, I liked Erik Amundsen’s “Strawberry Ghoul”, a matter of fact story about a girl encountering ghouls, and Brent Knowles’s “The Monastery”(Richard Horton’s blog)

Read: |Print|Smashwords|Kindle/iPhone/iPod|Apple iTunes|Nook|Kobo|Sony Reader|This story reminded me why I used to thrive on short stories. Great character, robust descriptions and a compelling look into the mind of a post-apocalyptic survivor in the digital age. Reminds me of a lot of Orson Scott Card’s short stories.(Amazon)

The Tale of Lady Spite” — Tales of the Talisman Volume 5 Issue 2, 2009
Read: |Print|Smashwords|Kindle/iPhone/iPod|Nook|Apple iTunes|Kobo|Sony Reader|

Touch the Dead” — On Spec #87, 2012
Read: |Print|There’s something definitely spooky about Brian’s encounters with the ghosts, his family curse/mission. There’s also tragedy in his discovery of the lies that had shaped his life.(Locus)

There is also a separate list of stories available on the Kindle and iPad

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    Thank you, Michael. Alas these are all short stories and though I’m proud of each one of them, I still have yet to sell a novel! After I sell one or three of those I’m sure my ego will be sufficient to tackle a creative writing “how to” :)

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  • Brent Knowles

    Hi Brent.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Probably a good place to start reading would be my “Ten Years At BioWare Blog”. The first entry discusses how I got started.

    After that you might want to take a look at some of my game design blog posts — these were refined and used in the books I wrote, but I think they stand on their own, ok.

    Good luck!

    – Brent