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Why Norse Mythology? Why Vikings?

A few kind folks who have expressed excitement for my new project, Raiders of the Serpent Sea have also been curious as to why I have chosen these particular thematic elements for this campaign book. I think my introduction, which will appear in the forthcoming player’s guide, is probably the best explanation. The stories of […]

Further Into the Serpent Sea…

Last week I was finally able to provide the title for my upcoming project. Going forward, I’ll now start explaining the world a bit more and what to expect from the Raiders of the Serpent Sea game master and player guides. Here’s a first look at the current back cover blurb for the player’s guide: […]

Announcement: Raiders of the Serpent Sea

In an earlier post I explained that I am making a campaign book with Arcanum Worlds. Well… now is the time for the proper announcement! Raiders of the Serpent Sea is a Norse-themed campaign book for 5e and will be published by the fine folks over at Modiphius Entertainment. They have released a full update […]

Making Games

For as long as I remember I have been making games. It started with writing stories during elementary school and evolved into creating fantasy maps of mundane locations. This was well before I started to play Dungeons & Dragons — I had lots of fun navigating the magical spaces of my imagination and trying to […]

Glory is Yours For The Taking

It will probably not come as a shock to any of you who know me well that I am a huge fan of roleplaying games and got my start in this whole “interactive narrative” business back in my preteens playing Dungeons & Dragons. I ran numerous campaigns throughout high school and more sporadically into college […]

Dungeons & Dragons Campaign: Odyssey of the Dragonlords

Back in 2020 I proudly showed off my copies of Odyssey of the Dragonlords, a successful 5E D&D RPG Kickstarter by James Ohlen and Jesse Sky. At the time I mentioned I had started a campaign with my kids and some of their friends. Well the campaign is still going strong! We just completed the […]

Good Tidings!

I hope all is well for those of you still stumbling onto this blog. (Well, I mean I hope everyone out there is doing well, not just those who come here to read my words….) So… I do have an announcement to make. But not today… not quite yet. Stars are still being aligned, courses […]

The Lazy Designer: The Next Game

So… years ago… I republished my first Lazy Designer book via my newsletter. It was well received and my frank advice on working in the video game industry connected with many readers. So I started to serialize its sequel via the newsletter as well. Then I got divorced and I forgot about the newsletter entirely. […]

Falling back…

I promise this will be a short post. Quick. To the point. The past few months have been exciting. My guiding star has been a desire to return to spending my time doing things I really love doing. Some of that is writing, but a lot of it is actually Dungeons & Dragons. Both the […]

Hoping All is Well

The truth is that I have (often) intended to write for this blog again over the past couple years but every time I tried it it seemed that there was a huge event in the world happening and that my little announcements or questions just didn’t seem that important. I am realizing that there will […]