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My second project…

Hope the New Year is treating everyone well.

I’ve been very busy at work with Beamdog… but can’t really dive into what I’m doing so I’ll keep it quiet on that front and just discuss my second wood working project instead.

After building the large entryway organizer I decided I would tackle something simpler. The previous owner of my home had a tall and narrow bookcase near the living room window and I wanted to duplicate that (at this point most of my books were still in storage!) I found some stock plans and modified them — my bookcase was going to need to be narrower and taller. The construction went okay. I took my time, followed the plans, and learned some new techniques that I hadn’t discovered on the prior project. All in all it was a better build (though really heavy!)

This is the shelf before staining

This is the shelf after staining.

My next couple projects after this were self-designed but I used the general building approach I learned with this bookcase on those. More on that later.

Take care.

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