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A New Hobby: Woodworking

After I moved out of the condo I was living in during the “are we going to get divorced?” phase of the marriage breakdown, I setup the garage in my new house to become a woodworking shop. There were two main reasons for this.

The First Reason: I had no furniture! Obviously over fifteen years of marriage we had accumulated lots of furniture, but I left most of that behind (I had thought my leaving our home would be temporary). I didn’t want to fill my new place with junk stuff, so I started to learn to build my own.

The Second Reason: I needed a new hobby to kill time when I did not have the kids.

The first project was an entryway organizer for the kids to keep their coats/backpacks/gloves from spilling everywhere. It turned out to be slightly too large and took me the summer of 2016 to complete.

Since then, I’ve built a handful of pieces, and I’m still learning. Next time maybe I’ll post some newer work.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Take care.

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