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Siege of Dragonspear

I’ve been working at Beamdog for several months now and have been enjoying my time with the studio.

Last week the team hit a huge milestone — the release of Siege of Dragonspear, an expansion set between Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2. They’ve devoted significant time and energy to the expansion and I’ve had the privilege of playing through their new content a few times.

A huge congratulations to the team, for all their effort. Many of the team members are very long-term fans, some working in our office, others around the world. It has been very cool to watch this distributed team work — the same enthusiasm as I remember from the old BioWare days, but working together quite differently.

Anyways, if you are a fan of the BG series, I definitely encourage you to check out Siege of Dragonspear. And if you’ve never played any of these games now might be the time to finally try them.

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.

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