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Story Sale: Red Means Go

Over the summer I sold my story “Red Means Go” to On Spec Magazine. I had planned to reveal this earlier but I like waiting until contracts are signed and all that, so consider this the formal announcement.

This is another of my robot stories — I really enjoy writing about robots, probably in part because I’m terrible at building them (yes, I’m not making much progress on my personal robot army).

I’m not sure when the story will be published, but I’m guessing not until 2016 (On Spec has another of my stories in the queue, I imagine that will head to print first).

This is my seventh story sale to On Spec. They have been really awesome about supporting my writing over the years. The other stories I’ve sold to them are:

1. A Ragman’s Vow
2. From the Sea
3. Touch the Dead
4. A Terrible Loyalty
5. A Primer on the Ins and Outs of Building Bliss (not published yet)
6. Sin and Toil

You can support On Spec Magazine in a variety of ways. Check them out over on Patreon.

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