State of Things

Okay, I haven’t been around much. Here’s a quick update!

What’s Am I Doing?

  • I’m finishing novel #7 (8? I’m starting to forget how many I’ve written).
  • I wanted to participate in Nanowrimo this year so I’m ALSO working on another novel at the same time. Yes, writing two novels at the same time is very silly. I’m very silly. (This novel is my first attempt at writing fiction geared towards children, specifically middle-grade readers. We’ll see how it goes. I didn’t have time to complete a full plan, like I normally do, so I have a cast of oddball characters and a weird situation and I’m just letting it go where it wants).
  • The fourth post in the Hauler Prototype series will be available in the next week. This time I’ll dive more into a major design decision I made (i.e., there’ll be some game design goodness in that post). Because I’m mean I’m releasing the post first via my Newsletter and Gamasutra. It will appear on this blog a couple weeks after original release.
  • In regards to Hauler, as I have stated before I am several sprints ahead of what I’m releasing to you. Last month was probably my most disappointing month in regards to not accomplishing what I wanted. I had hoped to refactor the AI system (yeah there’s AI eventually). But I got side tracked with other things, specifically trying to create some art for the various assets. That took far longer than I wanted and looks a lot worse than I desired. Don’t worry, you’ll see it eventually.

I’m also working on a detailed post that will highlight some career redirection I’m considering, but I haven’t had time to finish it. So this quick update will have to suffice. As always, if there are any questions please let me know.

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  • James Paten

    Career redirection? That sounds a little ominous, Brent.

  • Brent Knowles

    Maybe not quite ominous but yeah, changes are likely afoot. Will try to post on it this month but trying to focus on nanowrimo as well !