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Newsletter Woes

Once again I’ve migrated my newsletter.

Most readers have been moved over to it. However there are a few users who signed up to previous versions of the newsletter that weren’t on that list.

If you did NOT receive a recent Newsletter mailing from me, then you are not signed up.

Head over here to enroll.


Well in the near future (i.e., once my newsletter’s subscription base grows a tiny bit more) I’m going to start serializing book 1 of the Lazy Designer via the list. Basically the entire book will be doled out in segments over the next couple months, hopefully with a bit of an update.

Also you get to hear about all the awesome things happening in my life first (and really what larger incentive could I provide than that?) Well… how about some free stuff (a short story collection and the design book of checklists).

Here’s the contents of that first newsletter, so you have an idea of what I’ll be distributing via it:

Brent’s Newsletter #1 — Welcome to the Newsletter

Sorry for the delay in sending out this first newsletter! I needed to get my ducks in a row (whatever that means) first.

As this is my very first newsletter here’s some guidance on what to expect from future issues.


The newsletter will:
– Be delivered roughly every two weeks.
– Present a mix of game design / writing information.
– Contain new content or added value (i.e., I intend to release the first book in the Lazy Designer series via this newsletter). I will also use this newsletter to broadcast my non-promotional blog content (i.e., new game design articles or writing howtos). These will generally provide a summary of the blog post and a juicy link you can click if you want to read the entire post.
– Allow for question and answer segments. If you have a game design or writing question you want answered, ask it via a blog comment, my Facebook page, or e-mail to me and I might feature it in an upcoming newsletter.
– Have actual content… I’ll minimize promotional shenanigans, keeping that more for the blog/twitter/et cetera. New releases will be announced here however.

Do you know anybody else who might be interested in my game design articles or my fiction? If so, I’m sure they’d be super pleased with you if you invite them to this list. Once I have sufficient subscribers I intend to start releasing Book 1 of the Lazy Designer via this newsletter.

The sign up form:

Former lead designer at BioWare (Dragon Age: Origins, Neverwinter Nights). Creator of Raiders of the Serpent Sea.

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