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After living in Edmonton for over a decade, we finally decided to check out Drumheller. This town sits about three hours drive from us and it is home to loads of dinosaur related stuff, so my kids were pumped to check it out too.

Overall we enjoyed the trip. The drive was uneventful. We particularly appreciated it when the flat prairies became badlands, a welcome change of scenery!
We spent a couple days in and around Drumheller. What was nice about the location is that you can undertake multiple excursions in a day, pretty much everything is close by. We checked out the Royal Tyrrell Museum and several other smaller museums. The Tyrrell was definitely the best of the bunch, and affordable. I could spend days there, I think.
t rex
We also explored the badlands a bit, walked across a creepy suspension bridge, climbed inside a dinosaur, visited the Hoodoos (which sadly are almost vanished), and checked out a ghost town.
biggest dinosaur
Drumheller itself was interesting to walk around, but it certainly shows signs of its age. Many of the building are rather run-down and the restaurants struggled to keep up with the large number of patrons. Definitely worth the trip though for the dinosaurs and the history.

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