The Lazy Designer

Console vs PC?

I don’t think I’ve spoken much about how I play games on this blog beyond mentioning that I strongly disliked the previous xbox and that mostly we play PS3 games (with a bit of Wii mixed in). At one point I was not playing any games on the PC anymore.

Over the past couple years things have slowly started to shift. I started using Steam again and purchasing more games. Then our xbox finally died. When I carted off all the games I had owned for it and its predecessor, I became rather pissed. We owned some fun games and with the console’s demise I knew I would never be able to play them again (unless I bought another flawed xbox). Even buying the xbox one is pointless because it lacks backwards compatibility.

I realized that most of the games the family plays are available through Steam and often at a much lower price. Theoretically Steam will be around for a long time, and we’ll have access to all our games for a long time (unlike consoles which seem to avoid backwards compatibility nowadays). But I kind of likely playing games on the home theater.

Years ago I had tried playing games via PC on the television with poor results but lately I’ve started messing around with it again. I already have a controller kit to use game controllers on the PC. With Steam’s Big Picture mode, full controller interaction is provided.

I think I have found our new console. Almost. The only hitch so far is that my laptop is the only machine we have in the house powerful enough to play games. Obviously I need the laptop for work (and I dislike carting it between rooms) so now I’m looking for a suitable dedicated PC. But I think once I have that, I’ll not be bothering with consoles again. (And to help justify the purchase of yet another computer, I think I’ll setup a proper Minecraft server on it.)

Thoughts? I realize console gaming is very big with many folk out there but there just doesn’t seem to be enough amazing, exclusive, games on console to warrant them, for me.

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